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Our innovative Shock leads are made from cushion web and girth elastic. This lead is not designed to "stop" your dog from pulling, but will ease pressure and "shock" on your shoulders and your dogs neck if the dog lunges forward.

TuffStuff dog leads are made of Polyester CushionWeb or Soft Tactile Webbing which provides a comfortable grip for the handler and eliminates sore hands from pulling dogs. The inner core is made of polypropylene, giving you a strong and durable lead. For peace of mind all our leads and embroidery are colourfast to ensure easy cleaning.

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Easi Leave Lead - 25mm x 100cm

These leads are made from soft tactile 25mm webbing.

General Lead - 19mm x 120cm

These leads are made from either CushionWeb or Tactile 19mm webbing.

Puppy Lead - 16mm x 125cm

These leads are made from Soft Tactile 16mm webbing.

Shock Lead 25mm x 100cm

Our innovative shock leads are made from soft 25mm Cushionweb and girth elastic with heavy duty hook.

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